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    1.    Company Profile


      Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Co., Ltd (BLCT) is a subsidiary of China Guodian Corp. BLCT specializes in design and supply of Air Cooled Condensers for the power market.

      BLCT is the only Air Cooled Condenser company in China with EPC capability, and has been awarded over 20 large size Air Cooled Condenser awards since 2006

      BLCT is a full service company, having the following resources: thermal and structural engineering design capabilities, construction and start-up services, manufacturing of critical high quality heat exchanger components and a research and development group. 

      The company, located in Beijing Economic & Technological Development Area (BDA), has over 600 employees, wherein around 200 are for system design and product management. The company has assembled a highly skilled design and engineering team headed by Chinas most renowned air cooling experts.

      BLCT annual output of heat exchanger products can meet 12600MW installed capacity for direct air cooling system and 4600MW for indirect air cooling system.

      The company possesses certificates of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, GB/T28001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems as well as British UKS International Quality System. In 2009, our heat exchanger products obtained CE Conformity Certificate of the European Union.

      Up to now, ACC projects being put into operation have gained great satisfaction from end users. BLCT is proud of being a leading air cooling technology company through its strong design ability and high-quality products.  

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