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         Certificates & Honors

      In December 2007 --- ¡°Golden Bridge Prize¡± Was awarded by China Technology Market Association.
      In Feb 2008--- the prizes of ¡°Outstanding Contribution to Achieve Business Goals in Year 2007¡± and ¡°Three years Contribution to the Development of the Industry¡± Was awarded by China Guodian Corporation.
      In 2009---¡°First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Year 2009¡±was awarded.
      In May 2009--- the ¡°Outstanding Scientific Work Award in Year 2007-2008¡± was issued by Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.
      2011--- obtained patents of ¡°New Type Single-Row Finned Tube Heat Exchanger¡± and ¡°Line Type High Pressure Automatic Cleaning System¡±etc.
      In April 2012--- The compiled industry standard¡®Single-Bundle Condenser of Direct Air Cooling System in Power Plant¡¯ was approved by National Energy Administration.
      In June 2012--- American ASME certification was awarded.
      In August 2012--- American IAS AC172 quality management certification was awarded.
      In Feb, 2014, was awarded the certificate of patent pilot by Department of Intellectual Property of Beijing
      In Oct, 2014, obtained the High-Tech Enterprise Certificate
      In Aug, 2015, obtained the High-Tech Enterprise Certificate of Zhong Guan Cun.

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