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         BLCT are present at International Air-Cooled Condenser Conference ( IACCC)

      BLCT participated in the International Conference on Air - Cooled Condenser (IACCC) held in Xi¡¯an from Oct 13th to 15th, 2015. The conference has gathered numerous equipment manufacturers, end users and experts in domestic and international air cooling field.

      In the conference, BLCT delivered a special report in predictive solutions on ACC anti-freezing issue and exchanged new technological ideas with the attendees that showed BLCT¡¯s actual strength in R&D. The presentation played an important role to help the participants to understand the advanced technology and enhance the communication among enterprises.

      The conference was hosted by Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering£¨CSEE£© of thermal power professional committee and Air Cooled Condenser Users Group (ACCUG).

      In 2013, BLCT obtained ICHTHYS LNG combined cycle power plant project in Australia, which marked our access to the developed country markets. By the end of 2015, BLCT has successively signed contracts and completed in supply to developed countries, such as Liberty project, Patriot project, Wolf Hollow project, Colorado Bend project and Energy Center project in USA and ICHTHYS LNG project in Australia. The ACC heat exchanger cores are supplied to Middle East and Africa as well.

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