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      BLCT attends Power-Gen2018 International Exhibition 2018-12-5
      National Air-Cooled Construction Projects in 2016 C Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Co. Ltd Ranked First in the Evaluation 2017-5-17
      BLCT are present at International Air-Cooled Condenser Conference ( IACCC) 2015-12-7
      BLCT successfully obtained two ACC projects 2015-12-7
      A New order with Inner Mongolia GuoDian Energy Investment Co.Ltd 2013-8-28
      Won the Air Cooling Order of Australia ICHTHYS LNG project 2013-8-28
      Industrial standard prepared by BLCT approved by the National Energy Administration 2012-10-9
      BLCT passes ASME certification 2012-10-18
      BLCT obtains American IAS management certificate 2012-11-8
      BLCT products obtain CE certificate 2010-1-5
      Air cooling technology research institute subsidiary of BLCT established in Beijing 2010-7-20
      BLCT first indirect air cooling general contracting project successfully passes 168-hour trial run 2010-12-30
      BLCT signs first overseas order 2010-10-24
      Yuci No.1 Air-cooled Unit Successfully Passed the 168-hour Test Run 2009-12-8
      Longyuan Cooling Company won special fund support for technological innovation 2009-6-9
      Company was Once Again Awarded the High-Tech Enterprise Fund Support 2009-10-30
      Beijing Longyuan Cooling Technology Co., Ltd has received two certificates 2009-7-11
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